Windsor Framework


  • The Windsor Frameworkis a post-Brexit legal agreement which is between the European Union and the United Kingdom which adjusts the operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.
  • The Framework was negotiated mainly to address political concerns in the UK and especially among Ulster Unionists about the Northern Ireland Protocol.

How does the Windsor framework attempt to resolve trade issues?

  • The Windsor framework seeks to address the disruptions to trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the U.K. which was caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol.
  • It does address the disruptions by permitting free trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland through the use of green and red lanes for goods flowing into Northern Ireland.
  • The goods which are passing through green lane will have fewer checks and controls, including no customs checks or rules of origin.
  • The goods passing through the red lane under the framework will be subject to full checks and controls to preserve the EU’s single market.
  • In order to ease the impact on farmers, agri-food goods such as meat and dairy will have reduced checks and controls, and food retailers, including supermarkets, wholesalers, and caterers, will be able to move agri-food via the green lane.
  • The prohibition on certain chilled meats from Great Britain being sold in Northern Ireland will also be removed.
  • The U.K. and EU leaders are hoping that this would lead to greater availability of British goods in Northern Ireland markets which include both foods and medicines.

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