About JEE Advanced 2024

JEE (Advanced) is an annual academic examination conducted in India. Organized by one of the seven zonal IITs under the Joint Admission Board (JAB), it serves as a gateway to various programs such as Bachelor, Integrated Master, and Dual Degree programs across all IITs. Candidates must qualify for JEE (Main) to be eligible for JEE (Advanced), with a maximum of two attempts allowed in consecutive years.

Must-Know Facts about JEE (Advanced)

  • Candidates must secure at least 75% (Gen, EWS & OBC) or 65% (SC, ST) in their 12th qualifying examination, or be in the top 20 percentile (category-wise) of their respective boards to be eligible.
  • Indian nationals appearing for JEE (Advanced) 2024 need to clear JEE (Main) 2024 for admission to B.E./B.Tech programs at IITs.
  • Foreign national candidates studying in India/abroad at the 10+2 level are exempt from JEE (Main) 2024 for JEE (Advanced) 2024.
  • The examination comprises two papers, each lasting three hours, conducted solely in Computer Based Test (CBT) mode.

Success Mantra from JEE Advanced Topper – Aditya Neeraje (AIR 27)

  • Spread out learning over me rather than rote memorization before practice exams. It is best to try and memorize concepts or at least understand a concept thoroughly while it is being taught, which also allows you to invest more me in learning the concept in depth.
  • Ensure you devote enough me to studies every day while balancing your hobbies as an off-ramp to burnout. Stay consistent in your studies throughout the years you devote to your preparation, and revise concepts regularly.
  • Use the practice tests to test out different strategies for tackling a paper, to identify an order of tackling the three subjects that works best for you.
  • Do not stress out about the JEE examinations. Write all practice tests and the final test calmly and without trying to rush through calculations. Don’t let the pressure of wanting to get a good result preclude a good performance in the exam.
  • I ensured that I had adequate sleep and that health would not be a burden on my daily activities and prep.
  • I was consistent throughout my prep and revisited older topics to ensure I had understood them well.
  • Attempting multiple practice questions and PYQs from competitive exams helped me prioritize the topics and formulas I needed to focus on and identify inconspicuous patterns in questions that could then be tackled with similar problem-solving strategies.
  • Maintain a motivational peer group, and maintain constructive competition with your peers and with your own previous performances, to constantly improve your performance.

Success Mantra from JEE (Advanced) 2023 Topper – Aakash Gupta JEE (Adv.) (AIR–28)

  • Exams like JEE Advanced require deep learning and clear-cut conceptual clarity throughout the syllabus. It goes on without saying that if you are quite clear with the concepts then you are super ready for any type of question.
  • Preparation does not happen within a few days or last month. You have to continuously put the efforts, dedication, and hard work.
  • Smart work plays a major role in your preparation. There are millions of books available in the market that you cannot read even through your whole life. So choose the material wisely as suggested by your mentors. Remember less is more.
  • The D-Day plays a major role in deciding the result of years of hard work. Learn to stay calm and composed and increase your common sense and calculation skills via a lot of practice.
  • Motivation comes from you only! If you want to achieve your dream career, then nobody can stop you and that fire will keep burning till the last moment.

Some Pointers About My Success Journey:

  • I started my journey in class 11 with a strong foundation I created in my junior classes and continued this till my last moment with consistency and hard work.
  • I completed my syllabus in October 2022 with the great help of my mentors and then in the last few months I revised it multiple times, gave a lot of mock tests, did PYQs in detail to understand the pattern, and revisited my doubts and silly mistakes.
  • I had practiced mathematics a lot. This helped me answer questions quickly and smartly.
  • I have been very honest with my parents, teachers, and indeed myself.
  • Low phases keep coming in my Olympiad and JEE journey but I never give up.
  • Instead of being shattered, I emerged even more stronger ready to chase my aim with all dedication.

Success Mantra from JEE Advanced Topper – Tanishka Kabra (AIR 1) – Female Category

  • I kept a somewhat regular sleep cycle and made sure to eat well.
  • I didn’t count the number of hours I studied; instead, I measured my productivity by setting a quota for a day (Pending assignments, preparation for upcoming tests etc.)
  • It can be hard to stay motivated for 2 years, but it’s easy to be motivated for a test in 2 days. Regular testing helped keep me up to date with studies along with some harsh reality checks.
  • I was interested in Olympiads like NSEs, PRMO, KVPY and preparing for them was a welcome break from JEE, while creating checkpoints along the way to judge the national-level competition.
  • My peer group was quite competitive and our class discussions helped strengthen my concepts.
  • I made sure to do error analysis after the tests and discuss with teachers/classmates about any conceptual doubts or alternate solutions.
  • When in doubt about which books are useful and which topics are relevant, the archive is god.
  • I stayed away from social media during my JEE preparation to avoid distractions.
  • It is important to talk to your parents regularly. Your teachers will help you academically, but your parents help you emotionally and will be your best support system.
  • Always be aware of your reality. Dreams motivate us, delusions blind us.
  • JEE is not the end of life. There is a lot to life outside of this exam, and consistent effort is required regardless of your JEE rank.

Success Mantra from JEE Advanced Topper – Chirag Falor (AIR 1)

  • I put lot of effort to prepare for the competition, studying relevant parts of the syllabus from 11th and 12th grade.
  • To avoid distractions, I don’t have a smartphone in 11th grade for limited social media interaction.
  • I always devoted myself to solving previous year’s question papers and model test papers to excel in specific exams.
  • From my point of view, Determination is more crucial for long-term preparation and staying motivated.
  • Remember, Time management and realizing the value of your me is important for the forthcoming JEE(ADV).
  • Switching between subjects and staying motivated helped me to study more effectively.
  • I always focused on solving my physics problems and memorizing chemistry concepts.
  • Spending extra me studying out-of-topic material helped me understand the course beer and get a broader perspective.
  • Notes helped me to stay focused and avoid sleeping in class.
  • I didn’t revise my notes, but always used them as a method to pay attention and highlight important things.
  • I always studied beyond the syllabus which helped me in gaining additional knowledge and improving my exam performance.
  • I appreciated the curriculum and teaching structure of Aakash Institute.
  • The teachers at Aakash Institute played a significant role in my performance and provided continuous support to me.

Some Pointers About My Success Journey:

  • Always use of spaced repetition gradually increases the me gap between repetitions, allowing for efficient learning with less me required.
  • Stay away from distractions by avoiding social media and logging out of accounts.
  • Visualizing a role model who is also studying can be a source of inspiration and help with completing tasks on me.
  • Be productive and avoid wasting time, focus on your goal, and keep moving towards it.
  • Ignore the results and focus on current tasks during your exam preparation.
  • Lastly, Discipline is the key – train the mind and follow techniques systematically to achieve your goals

Preparation Strategies from Top Scorers

  • Build a strong foundation early on and maintain consistency throughout preparation.
  • Utilize resources effectively, including previous papers and mock tests.
  • Focus on conceptual understanding rather than mere memorization.
  • Seek guidance from mentors and practice regular self-evaluation.
  • Manage time efficiently during exams and prioritize strong subjects.
  • Stay calm, revise answers, and make educated guesses when unsure.

Best Books for JEE (Advanced) 2024

There are hundreds of books out there on each subject. Our experts have selected them for you based on deep understanding of JEE requirements. These are :


  • NCERT Books (Vol.1 & 2 of 11th & 12th)
  • Concept of Physics (Vol.1 & Vol.2)
  • Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
  • Problems in Physics by S.S. Krotov
  • Problems in Elementary Physics by Bukhovtsev & Shalnov
  • Pathfinder’s Physics by Arvind Tiwari
  • 200 Puzzling Physics Problems by Gnadig


  •  Atkins Physical Chemistry
  • Solomon’s Organic Chemistry
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD. Lee.
  • Basic Inorganic Chemistry by Coon and Wilkinson


  • Educative JEE (K. D. Joshi)
  • A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis (G.N. Berman)
  • Higher Algebra (Hall & Knight)
  • The Elements of Coordinate Geometry (S.L. Loney)
  • Plane Trigonometry Part-I (S.L. Loney)
  • Calculus (Thomas & Finney

Subject-wise Preparation Strategy – Physics

Physics is a concept-based subject. So it requires an in-depth understanding of natural laws and their applications. It is more interesting than other subjects.

  • Fundamentals of physics must be understood first from NCERT and HCV books.
  • The concept must be developed to solve numerical.
  • Try to solve problems with the help of diagrams. Put data on the diagram and then analyze it to get it done in minimum steps.
  • Practice past years’ questions. They are most relevant for the exam.
  • Modern physics is high-scoring and easy too.
  • Solve HCV first, then go for Irodov’s problems.
  • Develop analytical skills for solving problems. Do not try to remember.
  • Olympiad exposure is beneficial for JEE Advanced. So appear for Physics Olympiad exams.
  • Pathfinder’s Physics and 200 Puzzling problems can be solved for the top 100 ranks in JEE.
  • Electrodynamics, Optics, and Modern Physics are important units.

Subject-wise Preparation Strategy –  Chemistry

JEE (Advanced) chemistry, traditionally considered the easiest of the three subjects, may be easily nailed by a comprehensive study of NCERT Chemistry and solving previous years’ questions. Practice rapid multiplications and divisions while answering physical chemistry questions. This will save you time during the exam.

  • Practice makes a man perfect, so practice similar JEE (Advanced) papers.
  • Solve previous years’ questions.
  • For organic chemistry, concentrate on mechanism.
  • Practice the reactions by writing them several times so that they get ingrained in your mind.
  • Periodic revisions are required to excel in Chemistry.
  • Attempt a variety of questions.
  • Time management plays an important role in JEE Advanced.

Subject-wise Preparation Strategy Mathematics

Solving Mathematics problems in JEE Advanced requires extreme clarity about concepts and a very good hold on the fundamentals along with excellent problem solving skills. Most of the questions posed in JEE Advanced involve application of multiple concepts in a single question

Vectors and Three Dimensional Geometry are interrelated topics and can be mastered with relative ease. Questions involving these have regularly appeared in the exam.

  • Matrices and determinants form another set of interrelated topics that have very little content but questions from these chapters are a regular feature of JEE (Adv.) Papers.
  • Probability, Permutations and Combinations, and Binomial Theorem is another bunch that can be mastered in a single go.
  • Calculus contributes to a significant part of papers hence must be kept on priority while preparing for JEE (Adv.) as it needs time to develop an understanding of the ideas involved.
  • It is very rare to frame a question from coordinate geometry which can’t be solved easily. What manners is the time required to solve it, which can be shortened considerably if the correct approach is chosen? Coordinate Geometry is all about the right approach and holding on to basic geometry.
  • From Complex Numbers and Progressions, one question each can be expected in the exam and both can be studied independently.
  • Quadratic Equations and Trigonometry form the basics of mathematics, so any student can’t afford to avoid these chapters. These topics are directly or indirectly involved in some questions in the JEE paper on regular basis.
  • Don’t forget the recently added topics like Statistics and Relations, these are very easy to master and some easy questions from these topics can be expected.

The Exam Day Preparation Strategy

Strategic Guessing: When uncertain about an answer, employ the elimination method for an educated guess. Toppers advise guessing only if you can eliminate at least one or two options.

Revision Time: Allocate a portion of time for reviewing your answers. Look out for careless errors or omissions. Revision aids in refining your score.

Priority to Strong Subjects: If you have a favored subject, prioritize it. Many top performers begin with their strongest subject to maximize their scores.

Maintain Composure: Confronting a challenging question or section can be daunting. Stay composed and approach it with a clear mind. Avoid panicking.

Take Refreshing Breaks: Incorporate short, rejuvenating breaks as needed. These breaks aid in recharging your focus and maintaining concentration.

Timely Arrival: Ensure you arrive at the examination center well in advance. Avoid rushing or being late, which can induce unnecessary stress.

Believe in Yourself: Trust the effort you’ve invested in your preparation. Self-belief is crucial for success, as emphasized by top scorers. Remember, everyone’s approach may differ, so adapt these strategies to align with your strengths and preferences.

By following these insights and strategies, aspirants can enhance their preparation and performance in JEE Advanced 2024.


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