Tableau selection for Republic day celebrations


  • The current ongoing dispute between the Central government and other States regarding Republic Day parade tableaux has taken a political tone, with the Opposition accusing the ruling government of bias.
  • However, the Union government denies the allegations, citing a misalignment with this year’s theme and emphasizing that similar controversies have occurred also under previous regimes.

How are tableaux selected for republic day?

  • Republic Day celebrates India’s adoption of the Constitution and India’s transition to a democratic republic.
  • The parade which is led by the President in New Delhi, showcases military strength and cultural heritage.
  • It also features tableaux from States, Union Territories, Ministries, and departments.
  • The Ministry of Defence oversees parade coordination and parade preparations.
  • This process also includes the selection and shortlisting of tableaux.

Selection of tableaux:

  • The Ministry follows and adopts a standardized procedure for Republic Day parade tableau selection, inviting submissions months in advance based on a specified defined theme.
  • Proposals undergo expert evaluation, including a basic assessment and also presentation of three­dimensional models.
  • Factors like visual appeal, theme alignment, and local resource material and content use contribute to final selections.
  • A State can pitch multiple proposals to the committee, but it is important to note that only one is chosen for the final parade.
  • The Defence Ministry emphasises time constraints for the limited number of tableaux.

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