As a widely recognized image in America, the Statue of Liberty represents individuality and liberty on a global platform. Although famously known, there are interesting features regarding this particular statue that most people have never heard of before. Discover with us some captivating trivia about the Statue of Liberty that will leave you amazed and curious!

In 1984, the Statue of Liberty was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Statue of Liberty’s designation as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 attests to its illustrious history and widespread acclaim. Upholding its prominence, they instituted measures aimed at conserving this cultural marvel and included it among their treasured sites.

Nestled on the pristine waters of Upper New York Bay lies the Statue of Liberty, an unequivocal representation of liberty and equality that America has proudly cherished since its inception. Positioned on Liberty Island, which lies southwest and is approximately one mile from both Manhattan Island and the tip-end of the Battery Peninsula, it offers visitors a picture-perfect spot for their lifetime memories.

People might think that this famous landmark has always been green, but when the French gave it to the United States, it was actually a reddish-brown copper color. It finally turned a bright blue-green color after chemicals reacted with gases in the air for years near the busy port in New York City. This is one of the most dramatic changes that have been recorded in recent history.

As part of extensive refurbishments undertaken in the 1980s, restoration workers removed the original torch from atop the Statue of Liberty due to signs of significant wear and tear acquired over time. To replace it with a more resilient iteration that could better withstand environmental factors while staying true to its symbolic purpose as an emblem representing freedom and hope for generations ahead.


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