Pigeon suspected of being Chinese spy released


  • Recently Police cleared and released a suspected Chinese spy pigeon after eight months of detention in Mumbai.
  • The pigeon was captured in May 2023 near a Mumbai port with two rings tied to its legs which carries words that looked like Chinese.
  • Police suspected that the pigeon was involved in espionage and took it andlater sending it to Mumbai’s Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals.
  • The pigeon was ultimately set free when it was found that the alleged spy was an open-water racing bird from Taiwan and had escaped and reached India.
  • This isn’t the first time that a pigeon was detained on the charges of espionage.
  • In March 2023, two pigeons were caught under the suspicion of spying in Odisha’s Puri
  • While one pigeon had tags attached to its legs one of the tags had “REDDY VSP DN” engraved on it and the other pigeon had devices that looked like a camera and a microchip fitted to it.

Pigeons are the most famous animal spies:

  • Historically, pigeons have been the most famous animal that has been used for the purpose of espionage.
  • During World War I, pigeons had little cameras fitted on them and were released over enemy territory.
  • The little camera clicked as the bird flew through enemy territory.
  • Due to their speed and ability to return to base regardless of the weather, they were also in charge of delivering messages over the enemy lines.
  • The success rate of this method meant that 95% of pigeons completed their deliveries and continued to be used for espionage until the 1950s, the museum added.

Other animal spies:

  • In the recent years animals other than pigeons have also been used for espionage.
  • The Cold War prompted many governments to try and induct different animals into their espionage programs.
  • One of them was dolphins which have been trained by the US Navy since the 1960s to detect submarines and underwater mines.
  • The US Navy has also used sea lions for their eyesight to retrieve unarmed mines and other materials.
  • It is also observed cats are also used as espionage agents.

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