As the world recovered from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, students returned to the familiar hallways of their classrooms. However, this transition hasn’t come without obstacles.

Today’s blog will explore five significant challenges students face,  on returning to school after the pandemic. In addition, we’ll also look at how employing the 6Es Model, helps  students triumph over these hurdles.

Concentrating in Class – 

Extended periods of remote learning have impacted students’ ability to maintain focus in a traditional classroom setting. Distractions, coupled with the need to regain focus, present a significant challenge.  The 6Es approach begins by Engaging students through various activities, thereby increasing their focus and fostering a positive learning environment.

Writing on Paper – 

The shift to online education has led to an unintended negative impact  on students’ writing skills. The lack of regular practice has left many struggling to write. Understanding this concern, we engage students in creative writing exercises and assignments, enabling them to rekindle their love for writing and develop their craft.

Balancing Busy Schedules – 

Returning to school means readjusting to a structured routine after experiencing the flexibility of remote learning. This transition can be overwhelming as students strive to find a balance amidst their myriad activities.  We emphasise the significance of effective time management in our learning approach, equipping students with valuable skills to organise their tasks efficiently and reduce stress.

Carrying Heavy School Bags – 

The weight of school bags has always been a concern, but after a prolonged period of digital learning, the weight can feel even more burdensome. To address this issue, we use digital platforms and e-books whenever possible to alleviate the physical strain on our students.

Studying in Groups – 

The pandemic restricted opportunities for collaborative learning, leading to a decline in students’ group study skills. Recognising the importance of cooperative learning, we strongly focus on fostering an environment encouraging students to engage in group discussions and promoting teamwork and critical thinking abilities.

Wrapping Up 

Returning to school after the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique set of hurdles for students. However, overcoming these obstacles  is possible with the right strategies and support.


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