In a recent announcement, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has unveiled a comprehensive list of colleges set to embark on a journey of academic expansion. These institutions are either introducing entirely new postgraduate courses or increasing the intake of postgraduate seats for the upcoming academic year.

The Details Unveiled: 154 Colleges Offering Fresh PG Courses

The eagerly awaited list features an impressive count of 154 colleges poised to offer novel postgraduate courses. Among the exciting additions are MD programs in Immunology Haematology and Blood Transfusion, MCh in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MD in Emergency Medicine, MD in Forensic Medicine, and many others.

Seating Growth: 50 Colleges Amplifying PG Seats

In addition to the introduction of new courses, the list highlights approximately 50 colleges that are set to amplify their postgraduate seats for the upcoming academic year.

Where to Find the Information: NMC’s Official Website

For candidates and stakeholders keen on exploring the specifics, the list of these dynamic colleges is readily available on the official website of the National Medical Commission. It serves as a convenient resource for those seeking insights into the evolving landscape of medical education.

Official NMC Notification: Insights into the Application Process

The official notification from the NMC sheds light on the meticulous process behind these developments. With reference to applications received from medical institutions, the commission has communicated extensively, sending notifications to 204 online applications. These communications have been directed to the respective medical institutions and colleges for their information and necessary actions within the stipulated timeline.

The notification states, “A list containing application IDs of each of the aforesaid 204 online applications is attached with this public notice for general information.”

Requests for Withdrawal: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

In a transparent move, the NMC also disclosed that 10 medical institutions and colleges had requested the withdrawal of their applications for the initiation of new postgraduate medical courses and the expansion of seats in postgraduate medical courses for the academic year 2024-25. The requests underwent careful consideration in the Medical Assessment and Rating Board (MARB), with approvals granted accordingly.

This announcement reflects the NMC’s commitment to steering the trajectory of medical education toward innovation and accessibility, providing aspiring doctors with an array of opportunities in the evolving landscape of healthcare.


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