The recent release of NEET-UG 2024 results has ignited a firestorm on social media, with parents and aspirants raising serious concerns about potential irregularities. The primary issue is from the unprecedented number of perfect scores, with 67 students reportedly achieving a flawless 720 out of 720. This has led to widespread allegations of malpractice at examination centers.

Alarming Revelations from Haryana Examination Centre

A particularly startling revelation is that six candidates who scored the All India Rank 1 all took their exam at the same center in Haryana. Their sequence numbers being identical has fueled suspicions of a paper leak. The fact that so many perfect scores originated from a single location suggests a significant breach in exam integrity.

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Calls for Re-Examination and Transparency

Parents and students have been vocal on social media, urging the National Testing Agency (NTA) to address these concerns transparently. One student shared, “We request NTA not to hide their failures and take care of the future of the candidates by canceling NEET 2024 and conducting Re-NEET.”

Before the counseling sessions begin, parents are demanding a thorough investigation into these anomalies. Letters have been sent to the NTA, requesting a comprehensive review of the results and examination process.

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Confusion Over Scoring and Alleged Irregularities

Adding to the controversy, screenshots of scorecards showing 718 and 719 marks have circulated on social media. Given that NEET questions are each worth four marks, with a negative marking of one mark, these scores seem implausible. One social media user on X shared, “How can anyone score 718 & 719 out of 720 if the marking schemes are not changed? This could be the biggest scam by NTA.”

NTA’s Response and Justification

In response to these allegations, the NTA issued a statement acknowledging that they have received several legal cases and submissions from NEET applicants concerned about the time lost during the exam on May 5th. The statement clarified, “The normalisation method, developed and approved by the Supreme Court in a 2018 ruling, considered such cases to remedy the time loss experienced by applicants. After determining the lost time, these applicants received grace marks as compensation. Thus, their grades may also be 718 or 719.”

Ongoing Dispute and Demand for Re-NEET

Despite the NTA’s explanation, the controversy has not abated. Reports of paper leaks, last-minute grace marks, and perceived inaccuracies in the results have led many medical aspirants to demand a retake of the NEET exam.

NTA Denies Paper Leak Allegations

Amid these disputes, the NTA has firmly denied any rumors of a NEET UG 2024 question paper leak. The agency has dismissed the claims circulating on social media, asserting that the examination process was secure and fair. The NTA maintains that these allegations are baseless and that the integrity of the exam was upheld.

The NEET-UG 2024 results controversy has highlighted significant issues and concerns from both students and parents. As the debate continues, the demand for transparency and accountability from the NTA grows louder. Only a thorough investigation and clear communication can restore confidence in the examination process. For now, the call for a Re-NEET remains a central demand among the affected candidates.


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