The upcoming Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board exams for the 2023-24 academic session are scheduled to commence on February 15, 2024. Among the array of subjects, the accountancy paper holds particular significance, being both substantial and challenging.

Achieving a high score in accountancy demands more than just a grasp of the subject—it necessitates strategic preparation. Crafting a well-organized study plan aligned with the latest exam pattern, coupled with an analytical review of pivotal chapters and topics from previous years, is integral to securing a commendable score.


Here are crucial tips to assist students in obtaining high marks in the CBSE 2024 Class 12 accountancy paper:

Thorough Understanding of Basics:

Accountancy is grounded in fundamental concepts. Ensure a crystal-clear comprehension of basic principles, accounting equations, and formats. A robust foundation in these fundamentals, including accounting equations, journal entries, trial balance, and financial statements, empowers you to navigate complex problems effortlessly, instilling confidence during the exam.

Regular Practice with Sample Papers:

Dedicate time to solving sample papers regularly. This practice enhances familiarity with the exam pattern, refines time management skills, and acquaints you with the types of questions posed. Practicing under timed conditions sharpens your speed and accuracy, critical components for excelling in any board exam.

Mastery of Formulas and Concepts:

Accountancy entails a multitude of formulas and concepts. Compile a formula sheet or flashcards encapsulating essential formulas, equations, and key points. Consistent revision reinforces memory, aiding recall during the exam. Understanding the logic behind each formula and concept enables their application in diverse scenarios, enhancing problem-solving skills.

Emphasis on Presentation and Neatness:

Cultivate the habit of crafting well-structured and neat answers. Clearly label diagrams and financial statements. Organize answers using bullet points and subheadings. A well-presented answer sheet not only appeals to the examiner but also facilitates a logical follow-through, potentially earning extra marks.

Deepen Understanding Through Practical Application:

Move beyond theoretical knowledge; comprehend real-world financial scenarios. Relate classroom concepts to practical situations, making the subject more engaging and enhancing overall understanding.

Important Chapters and Topics to Focus On:

The recent CBSE Class 12 accountancy syllabus is categorized into three parts: A, B, and C.

Part A (60 marks): Focuses on accounting for partnership firms and companies.

Part B (20 marks): Offers a choice between financial statement analysis or computerized accounting.

Part C (20 marks): Comprises project work and practical assignments.

Given the examination patterns over the past four to five years, certain chapters and topics consistently emerge as focal points. Understanding and targeting these recurring crucial areas not only streamline preparation but also provide a strategic advantage to students.


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