The results of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) were declared and Bareera Ali, the All India Rank 42 topper of NEET 2023, shares an interesting story of her mother being an Aakash alumni. She also shares why she chose Medicine as a career and why Aakash seemed to be the best option. In this video, we also have Bareera’s father who talks about the dedication and hard work required for cracking NEET. Bareera’s journey began with enrolling in the Aakash BYJU’S 2-Year Classroom program of Aakash BYJU’S. The program provided her with the best study materials, expert guidance, and an extensive curriculum that covered all the topics in the NEET syllabus. With the help of the program, Bareera was able to develop a deep understanding of each subject, and she learned how to apply her knowledge to solve complex problems. With a remarkable journey-hailing from a family of medical professionals, we are honored to introduce Bareera. In an exclusive interview with Aakash Institute, Bareera shares details about her preparation strategy, the driving force behind her dream, and other essential aspects which helped her ace the exam.

From Generation to Generation:

A unique aspect of Bareera’s journey is her family’s deep connection with Aakash. Her mother, an esteemed Aakash alumna, adds a touch of legacy to her accomplishments. The resounding applause that greeted Bareera speaks volumes about her achievements.

The Pinnacle of Achievement:

How does it feel to reach such heights of success? We asked Bareera, and her response was as humbling as it was enthusiastic, “Definitely, it feels incredibly gratifying. The support of my family, teachers, and mentors has been invaluable in helping me reach this point.”

A Family Affair:

With her mother being an Aakash alumnus herself, we inquired if this connection had influenced Bareera’s decision to join Aakash. She replied, “Certainly, my mother’s positive experience at Aakash played a significant role. Her curriculum at Aakash left a profound impact, and she encouraged me to take the ANTHE exam, which eventually led me to join Aakash.”

A Comprehensive Journey:

Reflecting on her two-year journey at Aakash BYJU’S, Bareera’s words resounded with fulfillment, “My experience at Aakash BYJU’S was all-encompassing. It included rigorous academics, guidance from dedicated teachers, and a supportive classroom environment. All of these elements contributed to the successful culmination of my NEET results.”

Why Medicine?

We were eager to know what inspired Bareera to choose medicine as her career path. With a genuine smile, she shared, “I believe medicine provides an extraordinary opportunity to impact lives positively. I am drawn to the idea of contributing to healthcare, and that’s what guided me towards this field.”

Balancing Act:

Bareera’s journey has been punctuated by participation in numerous Olympiads. We inquired about her approach to managing Olympiads alongside NEET preparation. She explained, “While NEET was my primary focus, I approached Olympiads as a complementary endeavor. Leveraging Aakash’s curated modules and practicing previous year questions helped me excel in both.”

A Father’s Perspective:

The conversation took a touching turn as we invited Bareera’s father to share his thoughts. His pride was evident as he praised his daughter’s accomplishments, attributing her success to the guidance of Aakash.

The Aakash Connection:

Bareera’s mother being an Aakash alumna led us to ask whether there were any discussions about exploring other institutions. He replied confidently, “From the beginning, our choice was clear. We were influenced by the devotion and dedication of Aakash’s teachers. It was the right choice for Bareera’s journey.”

In conclusion, we asked the duo to share their advice with future NEET aspirants. “Consistency is the key,” they echoed. From the very start, maintaining a consistent exam-oriented approach is essential. Embrace each day as an opportunity to learn, and remember the significance of those crucial three hours and twenty minutes during the NEET exam.

A Message of Resilience:

Their parting message resonated deeply, encouraging all aspirants to keep learning and maintain self-belief even in the face of challenges. Their inspiring conversation reminded us that every day offers lessons that contribute to success.

A Final Salute:

With gratitude for their insights, we extended our congratulations to Bareera for her outstanding achievements. Her journey as an Aakash champion stands as a testament to the dedication, hard work, and transformative education provided by Aakash BYJU’S.


Bareera believes that the journey to excellence is marked by consistency, determination, and unwavering support. One of the key factors that contributed to Bareera’s success was her discipline and dedication. She followed a strict study schedule, and she never compromised on her preparation. She made use of every available resource, including mock tests, previous year’s papers, and online practice sessions, to assess her progress and identify areas where she needed to improve. Bareera’s story and her family’s commitment to education underscore the profound impact of Aakash BYJU’S in shaping extraordinary success stories.

I hope this interview by Bareera will keep the NEET aspirants motivated and in high spirits for their NEET 2024 exam preparation. 


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