The NEET exam is highly awaited by all aspiring medical students in the country. However, the seats available in various esteemed institutions are limited, further intensifying the competition. Naturally, students prepare for this exam at least a year or two before their attempt. The concepts in these subjects are advanced and relate much to the concepts learnt in classes 11th and 12th. 

Thus, ideally, students must start preparing for the exam from class 11 to cover the vast syllabus in detail. However, the same is not the case for many. Some students get to the exam preparation late, and crash courses in NEET are a relief for them. 

But, one question arises, are crash courses sufficient enough to crack the NEET exam? Well, crash courses are extremely helpful, but they cannot replace regular preparation for the NEET exam.

Why Should One Go for a Crash Course for NEET Exam?

Crash courses are extremely helpful when students run out of time and have too many concepts to cover and revise. One should definitely consider going for a crash course before the exam due to the following reasons:

Intense Preparation in Limited Time

Crash courses offer extensive study programs and concise learning resources so that students can easily understand all the concepts covered in the syllabus. Many students opt for crash courses as they need to quickly understand the important exam topics. It also walks you through the topics most likely asked in the exam. 

Expert Guidance

In a crash course, students are guided by experienced faculty members who provide students with valuable input. The faculties ensure that students cover all the necessary topics across all subjects and prepare for solving complex questions in the exams. Also, if you need guidance on specific topics, mentors will provide that in the crash course.

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Practice Papers and Mock Tests

Students usually opt for a crash course as they can appear for mock tests and discuss the results with their mentors. The mentors help students to improve their understanding of weak areas detected in the mock tests. Crash courses also provide practice test papers and answer keys so students can solve the questions and cross-check their answers immediately.

Complete Revision and Overview

The syllabus comprising the NEET exam is extensive and cannot be revised overnight. But crash courses greatly help students who want to systematically revise all the topics before the exam and have a clear overview of all the concepts. 

Limitations of a Crash Course Compared to Regular Preparation

Despite all the advantages a crash course offers, it cannot be accepted as a complete replacement for regular exam preparation.

Coverage of Certain Topics Only

Crash courses are meant to cover only certain important topics for the exams. You will receive well-drafted study material that covers all the necessary topics to be revised before the exam. However, do not expect a crash course for the NEET exam to cover all topics in detail. 


As time is limited and crash courses are conducted near the date of approaching exams, the pace of the course is too fast. Not every student can align with the same and may feel left out in class. 

Lack of In-depth Understanding 

An in-depth understanding of all the concepts is possible only during regular preparation. Crash courses are meant for discussing only specific important topics and brush-ups on several vital concepts. They offer to-the-point, concise explanations of several important concepts only.


To make it to the best medical institutes in the country, students need to go through regular preparation and not completely rely on crash courses. Crash courses will only be a boon if you have prepared well. They are designed to complement your exam preparation and not replace it. So, going for crash courses is certainly recommended, but relying completely on it is not.


What is the duration of a crash course for NEET?

Considering the extensive syllabus for NEET, a crash course may range from a few weeks to a month.

When are crash courses held for the NEET exam?

Crash courses are conducted near to the exam date for easy retention of concepts. They are generally conducted a month or so before the exam.

Which crash course should I opt for, the NEET exam?

Students are suggested to opt for Aakash Institute’s NEET exam crash course. It offers everything you need for last-minute exam preparation.

Can a crash course in NEET help in achieving rank?

If students have prepared well and completed their studies with a suitable crash course, achieving a rank is possible.


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