INI CET 2023: A National-Level Medical Entrance Exam

This examination is conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to facilitate admissions into AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER, NIMHANS, and SCTIMST for various postgraduate medical and dental courses, including MD, MS, M.Ch (6 years), DM (6 years), and MDS.

The exam consisted of a mixed set of questions that were mostly of moderate level with a few difficult &  ‘tricky’ questions. Check out our solution videos on the YouTube channel.

Here are some key details about INI CET 2023:

Mode of Exam Online
Question Type Objective-type questions

(Including Single Correct Choice and Multiple Correct Choice questions)

Number of Questions 200
Total Marks 200
Exam Duration 3 Hours
Exam pattern 200 questions have been divided into 4 parts, each part comprising 50 questions to be completed in a duration of 45 minutes each. Time for each part once over, you cannot come to the previous part. Once you submit one part, then only you can attempt the next part
Marking Scheme +1 for each correct answer
-1/3 marks for every incorrect answer


Question Types:

In our analysis, we observed that approximately 80-85 questions were clinical-based,(but simple to the point history provided),120+ out of 200 were one-liners, 50-55 out of 200 were image-based, 15 out of 200 were extended matching questions. Additionally, 160 out of 200 questions were on topics previously asked.

Number of Attempted Questions:

According to our survey, the majority of candidates, nearly 80%, attempted between 150 to 200 questions. Approximately 14% of candidates attempted 100 to 150 questions, while only 6% managed to attempt 50 to 100 questions. The exam was somewhat lengthy, but students with a strong conceptual understanding and thorough knowledge of PYQs could complete all the questions within the allotted time.

Subjects with High Weightage:

Certain subjects carried a high weightage in the exam, including Medicine, Surgery, P, Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG), Pathology, Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM), and Anatomy. Difficult questions were primarily found in Surgery, PSM, Pharmacology, and Ophthalmology, while ‘tricky’ questions were scattered throughout the exam.

Time Management:

Managing time during the exam is a significant challenge. Based on our survey, a majority of candidates found the allocated 3 hours to be sufficient to answer all the questions.

Approach for Future Exams:

Considering the analysis of the INI CET May exam, we recommend that students focus on in-depth understanding. Enlist important topics repeatedly asked in PYQs and focus on those topics for eg- TB, Meningitis, HIV, Dengue, Malaria, Diabetic neuropathy management, Metabolic syndrome, Spirometry, Blood gas analysis, Nephrotic vs Nephritic syndrome, PCOS are very high yielding topics and should not be missed. This entails a detailed grasp of the theory, which may not be feasible for the entire textbook. Instead, concentrate on PYQ topics. Additionally, practice time-bound MCQs to simulate the exam experience and maintain consistent preparation until the exam.

Preparing for INI CET 2024:

For effective preparation for INI CET 2024, consider using the Aakash PG Plus application. Here’s why it stands out:

  •         Comprehensive Study Material: Aakash PG Plus offers well-structured study material covering essential syllabus topics, saving you time and effort in gathering study resources.
  •         Expert Faculty Guidance: Experienced faculty members provide valuable guidance, clarify doubts, and offer exam-specific strategies to improve performance.
  •       Mock Tests and Practice Questions: Regular practice is vital, and Aakash PG Plus provides a range of mock tests and practice questions to assess knowledge and identify areas for improvement.
  •         Exam-Oriented Approach: The question bank includes clinical and integrated questions, crucial for the INI CET exam.
  •         Time Management and Exam Strategy: Effective time management and exam strategies are crucial, and Aakash PG Plus provides guidance on these aspects through mentoring programs.
  •       Doubt Resolution and Support: The platform offers ultra-short and recap videos for convenient doubt resolution and efficient topic-wise revision.

       Recap videos for revision just before your exam

INI CET 2024 is a significant opportunity for medical aspirants. With the right preparation, candidates can enhance their chances of success in this competitive examination.

Do not waste time on how this INI-CET went and how it could have gone better, its already gone. What we have in hand is NEET PG, so lets put in our best efforts in the upcoming NEET PG 


Results: The results of the INI CET 2023 exam will be announced by AIIMS on their official website. Candidates can also access detailed solutions and prepare for future exams by downloading the Aakash PG Plus app. The answer key will be regularly updated on our app.


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