Are you preparing for NEET and looking for ways to boost your score? In this article, we share the experience of our NEET Topper, Devpriya Duhan who shares how the Final Test Series offered by Aakash helped her to achieve her dream score.

Through this article, she explains how the Final Test Series simulates the actual NEET environment, helping students get accustomed to the pressure and timing of the real thing. She also shares insights into the type of questions and patterns that typically appear in NEET, which can be a valuable tool for test-seekers.

All About Devpriya Duhan

Devpriya first of all deserves a huge round of applause for being among one of the NEET toppers. Devpriya is a one-year medical student at Maulana Azad Medical College and scored 690 marks and 356th rank in NEET 2022. Devpriya is a student who always wanted to become a doctor and put in her best efforts to score excellent marks. She stated ‘Practicing with Final Test Series by Aakash helped me reduce my reaction time in NEET’. She suggests all the medical aspirants be a part of the Final Test series for NEET which will help them in their preparation and also help them to figure out their strengths and weaknesses and work towards them. She also suggested that Hard work and dedication are what is required & along with a proper study schedule you will be able to achieve your dream goal. This attitude helped her to fulfill her dream.

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About the Aakash Final Test Series for NEET

The Aakash Final Test Series for NEET is a comprehensive test series designed to help students prepare for the NEET exam. The Aakash Final Test Series for NEET provides an exact feel of the NEET exam by providing the Question paper in line with NEET. It also helps by providing a final competitive environment amongst students all across the country before the final NEET 2024 exam. It covers the entire NEET syllabus and provides students with a thorough practice of the NEET exam pattern and difficulty level. The test series also comes with detailed solutions and explanations for each question, allowing students to analyze their performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses. The test series is designed by experienced faculty members and subject matter experts, ensuring that students receive high-quality practice material. Overall, the Aakash Final Test Series for NEET is a useful tool for NEET aspirants to assess their level of preparation and improve their exam-taking skills.

How to Boost your NEET 2024 Score through Aakash Final Test Series (FTS)?

How Participating in Aakash Final Test Series for NEET Helped Devpriya?

Participating in FTS set the ball rolling for me because of this I got admission to one of the best medical colleges. It is no surprise that opting for the Final Test Series offered me numerous benefits and helped me in a big way during my preparation. However, there were times when I faced difficulties and challenges. Learning became tough and the application of concepts was a daunting task. I was gradually losing confidence and found lessons quite taxing. I thought I had completely lost it when my teachers sensed my struggle and came to my rescue. I saw a ray of hope as the faculties put in extra effort to help me get through the race. I studied every day and made a note of my doubts as instructed by my teachers. Thus it was at this point that these test series really helped me out. I was very anxious to cover hundreds of chapters together in one go. For Devpriya, the ecology unit was a worry of some topics because I was not able to remember the factual facts as to which law came in which year and like how many national parks are there and so on and it was at this point that NCERT Maps and complete test series came into rescue. They actually built the topics up to a strength that I did not have any reaction time in the NEET exam. Another piece of advice that Devpriya recommended to NEET toppers is to revise the high-yield units. Talking about the NEET exam, I think complete syllabus tests were the best thing that I actually took because they gave me real-life experience.

Devpriya also suggested making sure to segment your day in such a way that you don’t get burnout at the end of the day. So, you have to make sure that you don’t just study all day. You just have to make sure to get a good night’s sleep or wherever you want to sleep.

Having a good night’s sleep, a healthy meal, and some sort of leisure activity help in relaxing your brain. As for me going out for walks or listening to music or perhaps watching some videos on YouTube was what I indulged myself in whenever I felt the pressure was too much.

Another major benefit that I derived from the Final Test Series (FTS) is I realized where I was going wrong apart from you know the topics and chapters. I realized what kind of mistakes I was making while attempting the paper. For instance, I was not reading the questions properly. I was not reading if the question was asking for correct statements or incorrect statements. And I think after the test was over, going to discussions made me realize, how important it is to dissect the questions to dissect the answers, to look for certain words and characteristics that actually change your whole answer.

Lastly, wishing all the NEET aspirants to keep working hard and work towards achieving their goals.

Good luck!

Strategies and Techniques to Boost your NEET Score through Final Test Series (FTS)


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