Marzeena lives with her husband and daughter, Tamanna, in Rajkot, Gujarat. Due to low income and rising rent costs, the family had to move away from Tamanna’s school. As that area was unsafe and far from school, Tamanna had to drop out five years ago because Marzeena and her husband thought it was too risky for her to go to school alone. So Tamanna stayed at home and helped her mother with household work but wished she could continue studying. They heard about Pratham’s Second Chance program which helps dropouts in completing their secondary school education. Marzeena realised that the only way she could help her daughter fulfil her dreams was to accompany her to class. Marzeena had also dropped out of school as she got married when she was 16 years old – this opportunity could be her Second Chance too!

Thanks to the patience of their teacher, Viral, and the encouragement of their classmates, both of them were able to catch up in class and passed their 10th-grade exams together! With her new found confidence that the program gave her, Marzeena wants to work and looks forward to interacting with others without hesitation. Tamanna wants to study further and find a job so she can support her family.

Marzeena says, “It gives me immense joy that I was able to help my daughter achieve what she wanted to.”

Marzeena and Tamanna, thank you for taking a (second) chance! You inspire us! 


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