As the CBSE Board Exam 2024 draws near, students of Classes 10 and 12 are presented with a crucial aspect of their academic journey – the practical exams. Recently, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released comprehensive guidelines for these practical assessments. In this blog, we’ll delve into the key points of these guidelines, offering insights and tips to help students prepare effectively.

Understanding the Guidelines:

Assessment Components:

The CBSE Board Exam 2024 guidelines outline the assessment components for practical exams. Understand the weightage assigned to different elements, such as experiments, project work, and viva voce.

Project Work and Internal Assessments:

Emphasizing the importance of project work and internal assessments, the guidelines provide clarity on the criteria for evaluation. Students should align their project submissions with the specified requirements to maximize scores.

Viva Voce Examination:

The guidelines shed light on the viva voce examination, elucidating the areas of assessment and how students will be evaluated. Preparing for viva voce involves not only mastering the theoretical aspects but also being ready to articulate your understanding orally.

Record Maintenance:

CBSE emphasizes the meticulous maintenance of records for practical exams. Students should keep detailed and well-organized records of experiments and project work, ensuring they align with the prescribed format.

Tips for Effective Preparation:

Thorough Understanding of Concepts:

Practical exams often require a deep understanding of theoretical concepts. Ensure you have a strong grasp of the principles behind the experiments and projects you’ve undertaken.

Regular Practice:

Practice is key to performing well in practical exams. Regularly conduct experiments, revisit project work, and rehearse responses for potential viva voce questions. This hands-on approach enhances your confidence and proficiency.

Organization of Records:

Follow the prescribed format for maintaining records. Keep your files organized, with clear labels and accurate details. Neat and well-organized records leave a positive impression on examiners.

Review Guidelines Frequently:

Stay abreast of any updates or modifications to the guidelines. Periodically reviewing the guidelines ensures that your preparation aligns with the latest expectations set by CBSE.

Mock Practical Exams:

Simulate the actual practical exam experience by conducting mock practical exams. This exercise not only familiarizes you with the examination setting but also helps in refining your time management and presentation skills.

Seek Guidance:

If there are any ambiguities or uncertainties regarding the guidelines, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from your teachers or mentors. Clarifying doubts in advance can prevent confusion during the actual exams.


The CBSE Board Exam 2024 guidelines for practical exams provide a roadmap for students to navigate this crucial aspect of their academic journey. By understanding the assessment components, adhering to the prescribed formats, and incorporating effective preparation strategies, students can approach their practical exams with confidence. Remember, thorough preparation and a proactive approach are the keys to success in practical examinations. Best of luck!


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