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  • According to a recent survey conducted by Local Circles on its online portal it is being concluded that majority of air travellers who flew out of Delhi using Digi Yatra did so unknowingly or were compelled to use it.
  • Only a relatively small number of people signed up for the system knowing the benefits it offered.
  • Apart from that significant share also said that they had not signed up for the service and always took the normal queue.
  • The portal received nearly 21,000 responses from citizens who flew out of Delhi airport in the last six months.

About Digi Yatra:

  • It is a digital initiative introduced by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in India.
  • It mainly intents to provide a seamless and paperless travel experience to air passengers.
  • The app utilizes biometric technology, such as facial recognition, to enable passengers to verify their identity at various checkpoints, such as check-in, security, and boarding gates, without the requirement of physical documents.
  • This initiative aims to enhance passenger convenience, reduce waiting times, and improve overall efficiency in air travel.
  • Digi Yatra Foundation which is a not-for-profit company is the nodal body for Digi Yatra.
  • Digi Yatra app was initially developed by Hyderabad-based start-up Dataevolve Solutions.
  • The Digi Yatra currently available at a minimum 13 airports for domestic passengers.
  • At the airport e-gate, the passenger has to initially scan the bar-coded boarding pass and the facial recognition system installed at the e-gate will validate the passenger’s identity and travel document.
  • Once this process is over the passenger can enter the airport through the e-gate.

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