Exciting Announcement: CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet 2024 Unveiled!

The detailed timetable for CBSE Class 10th has been officially released following an internal meeting. While the official release on cbse.gov.in is pending, here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming schedule.

Key Dates for CBSE Class 10th Exams 2024:

  • Start Date: February 15, 2024
  • End Date: March 13, 2024

CBSE Board Exam 2024: CBSE Class 10 Date Sheet for Important Subjects

Subject Code
February 19, 2024 Sanskrit 119, 122
February 21, 2024 Hindi 002, 085
February 26, 2024 English 101, 184
March 2, 2024 Science 86
March 4, 2024 Home Science 64
March 7, 2024 Social Science 87
March 11, 2024 Mathematics 041, 241
March 13, 2024 Information Technology 165, 402, 417

CBSE Class 10, 12 Practical Exams 2024: Be Prepared!

Practical exams for CBSE Class 10 and 12 for 2024 are scheduled to commence from January 1, 2024. Meanwhile, gear up for theory exams set to unfold between February 15 and April 10.

Stay ahead in your exam preparation journey with this vital information. Happy studying!

Unlock Your CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet 2024: A Quick Guide

Embarking on your exam preparation journey? The CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet for 2024 is now available, and here’s how you can easily download it:

Step 1: Navigate to the Official Website Visit the official CBSE website at cbse.gov.in.

Step 2: Locate the CBSE Class X Date Sheet 2023-24 On the homepage, look for the specific section or link related to the CBSE Class X Date Sheet 2023-24 in PDF format.

Step 3: Access Your Timetable Click on the relevant link, and voila! The detailed timetable for Class 10 will unfold on your screen.

Step 4: Download and Secure Your PDF Take action! Download the PDF version of the date sheet, ensuring you have a handy copy for future reference.

Stay organized and prepared with your Class 10 exam schedule at your fingertips. Follow these simple steps to seamlessly access and download the CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet 2024. Happy studying!


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