CBSE Practical Exams 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently issued crucial instructions for schools to facilitate the smooth conduct of practical exams in 2024.

In an official notice, CBSE announced that the annual practical examinations, internal assessments, and projects for Class 10 and 12 in the academic session 2023-24 are set to commence from the first week of January 2024. To ensure a timely and efficient completion of these assessments, CBSE has outlined specific guidelines for all stakeholders involved.

Schools are urged to proactively communicate with students and parents, providing detailed information about the format, schedule, and any other specific requirements essential for the practical exams. Emphasizing the importance of well-equipped laboratories, CBSE instructs schools to ensure that facilities are adequately prepared to enable students to carry out their experiments seamlessly.

Furthermore, CBSE underscores the responsibility of schools to identify students with disabilities or special needs and make necessary accommodations to guarantee their comfortable participation in practical exams.

In terms of the evaluation process, the Board highlights the importance of accuracy during the uploading of marks. Schools, internal examiners, and external examiners, where applicable, are reminded to double-check and ensure the correctness of uploaded marks, as corrections will not be permitted once the marks are submitted.

By adhering to these guidelines, schools can contribute to the effective administration of CBSE Practical Exams 2024, promoting a smooth and fair assessment process for students.

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