Arambai Tenggol


  • Recently Arambai Tenggol “summoned” all 40 MLAs of Meitei-dominated Imphal Valley for a meeting on at the historic Kangla Fort in Imphal.
  • After the administration received inputs that the Arambai Tenggol members might enter the Fort with weapons deployment of security forces was increased in and around the Kangla Fort by the administration.
  • MLAs and ministers started entering the Kangla Fort while Arambai Tenggol members might enter the Fort with weapons.

About Arambai Tenggol:

  • Arambai Tenggol is a Meitei activist organisation in the Indian state of Manipur which is often described as a radical organisation, or as a radicalised armed militia.
  • It is also a revivalist organisation which aims to reestablish the pre-Hindu, native Sanamahireligion among the Meiteis.
  • Arambai Tenggol is a Meitei language name, which is translated as dart wielding cavalry.
  • Arambai means a dart-like weapon that was used by Manipuri kings.
  • Tenggol refers to a troop or a platoon in Meitei language.
  • Arambai Tenggol is said to have been active since the year 2020.
  • Initially started as a cultural outfit it soon turned into a radical organisation.
  • Arambai Tenggol flies the Salai Taret flag which represents the traditional seven clans that merged to make the present day Meitei community.
  • The activists of Arambai Tenggol organization are often seen marching down highways or market areas, chanting slogans on restoring the glory of the old Manipur kingdom.
  • It enjoys the patronage of Manipur’s titular king and parliamentarian Leishemba Sanajaoba and also the chief minister  Biren Singh.
  • During the 2023–2024 Manipur violence, members of the Kuki-Zo community blamed the outfit for having carried out deadly attacks against them.

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