Agnipath scheme


  • Recently the Chief of Army Staff reiterated that the final framework in Agnipath scheme came about after an iterative process, after consultations, and it took into account whatever issues we had to put across.

About the scheme:

  • It is a central government scheme which is launched in 2022.
  • Under this, Indian youth can join the Indian Army for four years and will be able to serve the nation.
  • This is a pan-India scheme which means any Indian youth can apply for this job and join the Indian Army.
  • The age limit to enrol in the scheme is from5 years to 21 years.
  • Under this scheme, the youth will get an annual package of about 4.76 lakh in the first year.
  • By 4th year of their serving time the annual package will be increased to 6.9 to lakh.
  • After the 4 years of service, the service fund of rupees 11.7 lakh will be given to the Agniveer.
  • This money will be totally tax-free. Besides this other risk and hardship allowance will also be available.
  • In total, this is a good package for youth to serve their four years in the army.
  • Based on organisational requirement and policies promulgated by the respective Armed Forces, Agniveers after completing their engagement period, will be given an opportunityto apply for enrolment in the permanent cadre.
  • Of these up to about 25% of Agniveers will be selected to be enrolled in the Armed Forces as a regular cadre. 
  • The scheme envisages providing opportunity to the youth to serve in the military for short duration of time.
  • The scheme will lead to a much more youthful and technically adept war fighting forceby ensuring a fine balance between youthful and experienced personnel in the Armed Forces.

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