1. Which of the following statements is/are correct about the recent amendments to the surrogacy rules in India?


2. Consider the following statements:

  1. Surrogacy is primarily intended for women who have a missing or abnormal uterus, or have had the uterus surgically removed due to a medical condition.
  2. The failure of multiple rounds of IVF does not necessarily require surrogacy.
  3. Women are advised not to opt for surrogacy unnecessarily due to several complications, such as the child inheriting the surrogate’s immune system and not receiving breast milk during the initial months.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


3. Which of the following statements about the Odysseus mission is/are correct?

  1. Odysseus is a spacecraft built by Intuitive Machines.
  2. The landing of Odysseus marks the beginning of the Artemis programme.
  3. The first launch under NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative was successful.
  4. At least six more lunar landings are planned by 2026 under the CLPS initiative.



4. Consider the following statements regarding, “LENIENCY PLUS REGIME”:

  1. The regime is notified by Corporate Affairs Ministry.
  2. Under the regime, companies under investigation for one cartel would be encouraged to report other unknown cartels to CCI.

Choose the correct statements:


5. The Gandhinagar Declaration, recently seen in the news, is related with which of the following?


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