1. Consider the following statements with respect to right to disconnect bill by Australia.

  1. The bill tries to regulate whether bosses can contact workers beyond their working hours through calls, messages or e-mails.
  2. The Bill is part of other changes which are introduced to industrial relations laws, through the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes No. 2) Bill, 2023.
  3. The bill states that an employee may refuse to monitor, read or respond to contact, or attempted contact, from an employer outside of the employee’s working hours unless the refusal is unreasonable.
  4. In case an employee-employer dispute over such contact happens then they must first attempt to resolve it at the workplace through discussions between the parties.

How many above statements are incorrect?


2. Consider the following statements with respect to right to disconnect bills/acts in other countries.

  1. France was the first country in the world to have introduced a ‘right to disconnect’ for employees, in 2017.
  2. In India, Baramati MP Supriya Suledrafted a Private Member’s Bill for such a right through the Right to Disconnect Bill of 2018 which was never taken up for discussion in the Parliament.
  3. The bill in India proposed that every registered company and society shall constitute Employees’ Welfare Committees consisting of its employees to assist employees in the negotiation of terms and conditions of out-of-work hours with employers.

How many above statements are correct?


3. Consider the following statements with respect to new BAPS temple in UAE.

  1. During his recent two-day visit to UAE, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to inaugurate the BAPS Swaminarayan temple in Abu Dhabi.
  2. The temple has been built by the Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) which is a denomination of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya, a Vaishnav sect of Hinduism.
  3. The temple is built in the traditional Nagar style and the temple’s front panel depicts universal values, stories of harmony from different cultures, Hindu spiritual leaders and avatars.
  4. It is spread over 27 acres, the temple complex is on 13.5 acres, with a parking area of 13.5 acres that can accommodate around 1,400 cars and 50 buses.
  5. While the external facade uses pink sandstone which is sourced from Rajasthan, the interior uses Italian marbles.

How many above statements are incorrect?


4. Consider the following statements.

  1. BAPS has a network of around 1,550 temples across the world which include the Akshardham temples in New Delhi and Gandhinagar, and Swaminarayan temples in London, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Nairobi.
  2. It also runs around 3,850 centres and 17,000 weekly assemblies globally.
  3. The Indian diaspora is almost 3.3-million strong in UAE which is a huge percentage of the country’s population and of these 3.3 million nearly some 150 to 200 families are BAPS Swaminarayan devotees.

How many above statements are correct?


5. Consider the following statements with respect to tear gas.

  1. The Haryana Police has become the first police force in India to use the drones to launch tear gas devices.
  2. Tear gas which is also known as a lachrymatory agentor lachrymator is a chemical weapon that stimulates the nerves of the lacrimal gland in the eye to produce tears.
  3. Common lachrymators which are used as tear gas include pepper spray (OC gas), PAVA spray (nonivamide), CS gas, CR gas, CN gas (phenacyl chloride), bromoacetone, xylyl bromide and Mace (a branded mixture).
  4. While lachrymatory agents are commonly deployed for riot control by law enforcement and military personnel however its use in warfare is prohibited by various international treaties.
  5. Exposure to tear gas agents may produce numerous short-term and long-term health effects.

How many above statements are correct?


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