1. Consider the following statements with respect to Digi Yatra Initiative.

  1. The initiative aims to promote digital processing of passengers for paper­less and seamless movement through various checkpoints at the airports such as the entry gate, security check area and boarding gate etc.
  2. The Digi Yatra policy was launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in 2018 as an entirely voluntary programme.
  3. The Digi Yatra app is not actually owned by the government, but owned by a consortium called the Digi Yatra Foundation.

How many above statements are correct.


2. Consider the following statements with respect to Internation Court of Justice.

  1. It is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations.
  2. The statute by which it was created makes it clear that only states may be parties in cases before the Court.
  3. Provisional measures are interim rulings of the ICJ which are aimed at preventing either party from doing irreparable harm to the main case.

How many above statements are correct.


3. Consider the following statements with respect to Genocide convention.

  1. The Genocide Convention, 1948, was the first human rights treaty to be which was adopted by the UN General Assembly.
  2. It primarily rose from a commitment to ‘never again’ allow mass killing of people such as the Holocaust.
  3. Both South Africa and Israel are signatories to the Genocide Convention of 1948.

How many above statements are incorrect.


4. Consider the following statements with respect to Black sea Demining Initiative.

  1. Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding in Istanbul establishing Mine Countermeasures Naval Group in the Black Sea.
  2. It is being said that the initiative will have a rotating command structure and contribute to strengthening the allied posture of deterrence and defence of the eastern flank.

Choose the correct answer.


5. Consider the following statements with respect to Snow Leopard.

  1. The snow leopard shows different kind of adaptations for living in a cold, mountainous environments. It is solitary and mostly active at dawn till early morning, and again in afternoons and early evenings.
  2. They mostly rest near the cliffs and ridges that provide vantage points and shade.
  3. The species is native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia.
  4. It is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List due to fact that the global population is estimated to number fewer than 10,000 mature individuals.

How many above statements are correct.


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