1. Choose correct option regarding nicotine replacement therapies:

  1. Nicotine replacement therapy is a treatment to help people stop smoking.
  2. Nicotine replacement is completely safe in pregnant women.

2. Consider following statements regarding mRNA vaccines:

  1. mRNA, which stands for messenger RNA, is a form of nucleic acid which carries genetic information.
  2. The mRNA vaccine does not expose individuals to the virus itself.

Choose correct statements:


3. The lending to private sector is done by which arm of the World Bank organisation:


4. Among the agricultural commodities imported by India, which one of the following accounts for the highest imports in terms of value in the last five years?


5. Select the correct statements:

  1. India does not have a legal ban on smartphones in schools.
  2. As per the State of Elementary Education in Rural India report 2023, around 49.3% of students in rural India have access to smartphones.

Choose the correct statements:


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