1. Consider the following statements wrt Agnipath Scheme and mark the correct one:

  1. Agnipath Scheme is a scheme for temporary employment for all entry level ranks for the Armed forces & Central Armed Police Forces.
  2. The tenure of temporary employment is 4 years under the scheme.

2. Which of the following forces can have recruits via the Agnipath Scheme?


3. Consider the statements and mark the correct one:

  1. The MPC has to meet at least once in two months as per the RBI Act.
  2. The MPC is mandated to keep the repo rate in the range of 4+/-2%.

4. Consider the statements and mark how many of them are correct?

  1. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is a 6 member committee comprising of all the members nominated by the government.
  2. The MPC decides on Policy Interest Rates by majority.
  3. The Chairman of MPC is chosen by majority vote from among the members.

5. Consider the statements and mark the correct one:

  1. If MPC fails to maintain inflation in the target range of 2-6%, for 1 quarter, then it has to submit a report to the government.
  2. If during voting in MPC, there is a tie situation, then the Chairman of the committee has the power of casting vote.

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