1. Consider the following questions and mark the correct statement:

  1. A total Solar eclipse occurs once in 400 years on Earth.
  2. Solar Eclipse happens when the moon comes between Sun & Earth.

2. Match the following:

Column A                                        Column B

  1. Total Solar Eclipse            A.     Total Solar Eclipse
  2. Annual Solar Eclipse        B.     Not so dark
  3. Umbra                                 C.     Moon is nearest to earth.
  4. Penumbra                           D.    Sun’s corona can be visible

3. Consider the following statements and mark the correct statement:

Assertion (A): A solar eclipse is witnessed 2-5 times annually.

Reasoning (R): The Moon does not orbit Earth in the same plane as the Earth orbits the Sun.


4. The World Health Day is celebrated on which of the following day?


5. Consider the following statements and mark the correct one:

  1. Health Equity means that healthcare benefits should be available till the last mile.
  2. Climate change impacts health equity.

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