1. Consider the following statements with respect to Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR).

  1. The Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor is a machine that produces more nuclear fuel than it consumes.
  2. PHWRs will use natural or low-enriched U-238 as the fissile material and produce Pu-239 as a byproduct.
  3. The PFBR is designed to produce more Pu-239 than it consumes.
  4. It uses liquid sodium which is a highly reactive substance, as coolant in two circuits.

How many above statements are correct?


2. Consider the following statements with respect to India’s three stage nuclear power programme.

  1. In the first stage, natural uranium fuelled Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs) produce electricity while generating plutonium-239 as byproduct.
  2. PHWRs are chosen for the first stage because they can be refueled while operating at full power, which helps in maximizing the reactor’s capacity factor.
  3. The second stage is based on Thorium-232 to uranium-233 fuel cycle.
  4. The third and final stage involves the use of Fast Breeder Reactors (FBRs) and these reactors use a mixed oxide fuel made from plutonium-239, obtained from the first stage, and natural uranium.

Which of the above statements are correct?


3. Consider the following statements with respect to small modular reactors.

  1. Small modular reactors (SMRs) are advanced nuclear reactors which have a power capacity of up to 3000 MW(e) per unit.
  2. The power capacity of small modular reactors is about one-third of the generating capacity of traditional nuclear power reactors.
  3. The smaller size also provides greater flexibility in site selection and also make it possible to place SMRs in locations that may not be suitable for larger, traditional reactors.
  4. They offer savings in cost and construction time, and they can be deployed incrementally to match increasing energy demand.

Which of the above statement is incorrect?


4. Consider the following statements with respect to Shanan hydropower project.

  1. The Shanan Hydropower Project, also known as Joginder Nagar Hydroelectric Power Station, is situated in the state of Rajasthan.
  2. It was initially created to meet the energy demands of the Bhakra Dam construction project.
  3. This hydropower project is located on the Uhl river, a tributary of the Beas river.
  4. The vertical drop of the river, known as the ‘head’, is used to generate power and the project has a total capacity of 110 MW.

How many above statements are correct?


5. Consider the following statements with respect to Graphene.

  1. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice nanostructure.
  2. It is an allotrope of carbon in the form of a plane of sp2-bonded atoms with a molecular bond length of 0.142 nanometres.
  3. Graphene is a zero-gap semiconductor.

Which of the above statements are correct?


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